संस्कृतं संस्कृतेर्मूलं संस्कृतिः संस्कृताश्रिता।

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Why Learn Sanskrit?

  • ज्ञानरत्नशेवधिः

    Subjects like Math, Science, Art, Environment, Strategy are covered in depth in Sanskrit.

  • शब्दसमृद्धिः

    No expression in this world can be defined as uprightly and emotionally as the way it is defined in Sanskrit.

  • तन्त्रज्ञाने पूरकम्

    Sanskrit has so powerful systematic structure, that it helps developing technology for computers.

Fundamental Skills to Develop

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" सर्वद्रव्येषु विद्यैव द्रव्यमाहुरनुत्तमम् । अहार्यत्वादनर्घ्यत्वादक्षयत्वाच्च सर्वदा ॥ "