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About Us

Sanskrit is one of the most powerful languages on earth because of its amazing features. It is a highly structured language and it not only improves language skills, but also improves your memory and problem-solving capacities as well. Moreover, huge amount of texts on important matters like Science, Arts, Philosophy, etc. were written in this language in the ancient Indian subcontinent, where many incredible discoveries were documented. Thus, when you learn Sanskrit, it opens doors to discovering the rich Indian culture and heritage. If you're wondering how to learn Sanskrit online, Little Guru is here to help. It is an online educator of the language where we teach Sanskrit from basic to advanced level - all in one space. With our gamified approach to learning Sanskrit online; which uses the latest AI-driven technologies and classical designs, Sanskrit learning becomes super simple and fun. Our learn Sanskrit app is for everyone, without country or age barriers. This online Sanskrit course also allows you to connect with others learners, so you can meet similar-minded people and learn Sanskrit and master it effortlessly.
Mission: To teach Sanskrit in a way so that everyone can learn it .

स्वागतम्! .

Our Team

  • Anuj Sharma

    Anuj Sharma

    Founder & CEO

    Anuj is the Founder of Little Guru. Earning his PGDM from the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad in Marketing, Finance, and Business Management, Anuj has over 25 years of experience across sports media, financial services, education and technology industries. Anuj has also founded 3 more companies before the inception of Little Guru. Anuj's goal is to increase learning, participation, engagement and competition through gamification in the education industry and “Little Guru” is his brainchild.

  • Rajiv Saini

    Rajiv Saini


    A seasoned software professional and systems architect, Rajiv worked in the Information Technology domain for over 28-years, including 6-years in the USA. Receiving his PGD in Operations Management from Indira Gandhi National Open University, Rajiv previously worked at Shunya Computing Lab as a systems architect. Currently, Rajiv is serving as the Chief Information Officer at Little Guru.

  • Anuraag Saxena

    Anurag Saxena

    Board Advisor

    Featured in BBC, Washington Post, The Diplomat, Economic Times, Sunday Guardian, Times of India, Anurag Saxena is a Senior Advisor for Little Guru, with experience in leading different teams across the globe. After receiving his MBA from a top US B-School, he expanded his knowledge in entrepreneurship and succeeded at various levels. Anurag now advises Little Guru on how to strategically grow and expand its presence across the globe.

स्वगृहे पूज्यते मूर्खः स्वग्रामे पूज्यते प्रभुः । स्वदेशे पूज्यते राजा विद्वान् सर्वत्र पूज्यते ॥