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Jul 26, 2023
Benefits of Chanting Mantras

As we all know Sanskrit language and mantras are very much connected with each other. The base of all mantras is from Sanskrit. All slokas, mantras, stotras are in Sanskrit language. Every mantra creates a particular kind of energy in the human body. Even if we chant mantras daily for some time it will automatically create changes in our mind and body, and this thing is scientifically proven too. That much positive power is there for mantras.

People just chant the mantra even if they know the meaning or not. But the sound is more important than the meaning here. If we chant any mantras with a connection definitely it will show the result. So the power of the Sanskrit letters or the positive sounds is more dominant here. If we chant with that connection it will be effective.

Let’s see some benefits of chanting mantras in our life:

  1. Chanting mantras gives peace of mind.
  2. It spreads a positive vibe and removes the negativity.
  3. It is proven that chanting mantras activates our brain development.
  4. It helps to improve concentration and focus.
  5. Mantra helps to reduce stress and anxiety.
  6. Memory power will increase while chanting Vedic mantras.
  7. It helps to increase the level of energy from tamas to Sattva.
  8. The power of mind control is benefited from chanting mantras.
  9. Mantra helps for mental well-being.
  10. Helps for cognitive development.

First we need to choose a simple mantra and sit in a calm and comfortable place. Beginners can chant mantras like ‘Om’ .It looks simple but very powerful. Even this single word creates a magic in our life. Slowly we can move to some other lengthier mantras as per our growth and level. If one isn't able to chant mantras, one can simply sit and listen to the mantras. Sounds play here, it produces some positive sound vibration, even if we cook or drive that doesn’t matter here. If one should follow this from childhood it will be a great support for him/ her to face the problems in daily life. A parent plays a major role here. They should explain the importance of chanting mantras to kids from their developing stage itself.

So chanting mantras supports physically, mentally and spiritually for each and every human being!

आलस्यं हि मनुष्याणां शरीरस्थो महान् रिपुः। नास्त्युद्यमसमो बन्धुः कृत्वा यं नावसीदति।। आलस्यं हि मनुष्याणां शरीरस्थो महान् रिपुः। नास्त्युद्यमसमो बन्धुः कृत्वा यं नावसीदति।।