Introduction to Chapter
Level: 1
Learn the Swarasamyojanam



Friend 1: Hey do you know Swaras-स्वराः[vowels] and vyanjanas-व्यञ्जनानि[consonants]?

Friend 2:  Yes, I know all alphabet.

Friend 1: Oh, then you might also know about the combination of Swara. Can you please teach me? I don’t know.

Friend 2: Combination of Swaras? What is that?

Friend 1: Don’t you know that? ok, no worries. We will directly check this with our teacher.

Friend 2: Teacher! Teacher! Can you please explain to us the combination of Swaras?

Teacher: Sure students, I will explain to you with an example.

क् + अ =क

क् +आ =का

Then, how do we pronounce this?

क् +इ =?


Sanskrit Alphabet is "syllabic". In a word, consonants are accompanied by a vowel. For example, in the Sanskrit Alphabet 'क' this vowel is the "a" or अ.Without any vowels the consonants cannot be pronounced. The vertical stroke is the "a", so if you remove it, the consonant is deprived of its "a".


कवर्गःletter combination is given below. Like wise चवर्गः,टवर्गः, तवर्गः, पवर्गःand others.

 Examples with words

   क्  +अ = क